Overtuigen door in rechter oor te spreken

Apparently the chance of a yes becomes twice as high!

Research has shown that when people asked for a cigarette in someone’s right ear the chance of a positive answer was twice as high than people who asked the question in someone’s right ear.

I don’t actually smoke but from now on in sales meetings I will be sitting on the right side of my conversation partner.


Furthermore, I also read that the information through the right ear is processed by the left brain hemisphere. Information through the left ear is processed by the creative right brain hemisphere.

Since I read this research I have the urge to create a radio ad in which all the facts are broadcasted through the right speakers and all the small lies and exaggerations through the left speaker.  Roy H. Williams describes this beautifully: “The left hemisphere of the brain wants facts, details, descriptions and benefits. Lefty is all about sequential logic and deductive reasoning. Lefty looks for loopholes and discrepancies and is full of doubt. But the right hemisphere cares for none of that. The right half of the brain is where fantasy lives.”

Anyway would the cigarette experiment work any better if you communicate the facts through the right ear, and whisper in the left ear “you are my best friend forever”?