Digital transformation in B2B is lagging behind

The digital transformation, which is happening in companies for a while now, causes a much-needed increase in customer focus. Companies are digitalizing their customer processes, which forces them to properly evaluate these processes. In our experience, we often only find out about discrepancies in the customer process when they are being digitalized. Going through a customer journey within an online project luckily often leads to a better (digital) customer journey.

Recent study, conducted by McKinsey shows that the digital transformation in B2B organizations is lagging behind. The problem with this is that B2B customers are used the quality in B2C markets in their non-professional life. Simply put a CEO of an accountant firm with 300 employees expects a similar experience with his corporate insurer as when he buys a phone an amazon. Research firm GfK confirms this conclusion. From a recent post about the corporate insurance market: “B2B decision makers use their experiences from the B2C market in their corporate decision making process. Therefore, they expect improved customer services using the available technology, that they know from their personal life. To reach this improved customer service, mobile and online channels are crucial. Due to this it is expected that the need for digital solution in the B2B market will only grow”.

digital transformation in B2B - som

In the image below, the difference between B2C and B2B companies is illustrated: 47 B2B and 128 B2C companies were tested according to the so called Digital Quotient (DQ). The average score for B2C companies is 35, for B2B companies it’s 28. The score is based on the following factors:

  1. Culture
  2. Strategy
  3. Capacity
  4. Organization

A high DQ score often correlates with a high profit margin and shareholder value. This is the reason why digital transformation in the B2B market is so important. B2B companies should take example of organizations like amazon, Airbnb and MailChimp and use similar techniques to provide excellent customer journeys in the B2B market.

Som has a lot of experience with different B2B companies, in helping them with their digital transformation. We helped Centraal Beheer with their digital marketing towards small and middle business owners, created persuasive web content for Avéro, and created the eBusiness strategy for world’s largest lease company LeasePlan.

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