Verbeter de conversie van je webshop - CanicasYou want to increase the conversion of your web shop, but don’t know how?

What are the most important parts you can change to improve conversion? Are there do & don’ts every web shop has to take into account? Where do you have to start? This post can provide guidance for everyone who thinks their web shop can be improved. The following steps are based on our long standing experience improving our customer’s conversion.

First of all, what is the definition of conversion: the customer saying yes to a proposition. This can be subscribing to a newsletter or leaving an email address (micro conversions) or actually ordering a product or service.

1. Don’t ignore micro conversion

One of the first insights we find is that people focus too much on the macro conversion (actual sale). In some cases, it helps to focus first on the so-called micro conversion. For instance:

  • Newsletter with promotions (stay up to date)
  • Contact us
  • Sign a petition (charities)
  • Download our whitepaper

2. the basics 

With our conversion projects we like to use the so called conversion pyramid (see the image to the right). In this pyramid the top is using the 4 personas, described in the som Sex and The City model.

The principle of the pyramid is that you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. It doesn’t really make sense to start using personas in your sales funnel when your basic navigation is not yet finished or if the intuitive user can’t find what he or she is looking for.

The most important tips based on the pyramid are described below:

3. Functional

  1. Make someone responsible for checking the websites availability and check loading times during peak hours (is the content available 24/7 without delays?)
  2. Make a friendly 404 page
  3. Make sure your analytics are installed correctly (is the funnel also measured?)

4. Accessible

  1. Test your website on all browsers, including mobile.
  2. Make sure the meta tags for the images are filled in correctly
  3. Make sure the URL’s are Google friendly

5. Usable

  1. Ensure that when someone is standing 3 meters away its still clear where he or she has to look and click.
  2. Limit colors fonts and font sizes to three
  3. Follow the leader (Google): white background, dark letters, text has to be scanable through highlighting, hyperlinks are blue etc.
  4. Forms: don’t ask too much, is this really necessary?
  5. Ask for the postcode and number and automatically generate address: recognition with the customer + better data quality.
  6. Use radio buttons if possible
  7. Order button: different color, text has to say what you are going to buy.
  8. Formulate the call to action in a friendly but imperative way
  9. Test colors (especially internationally)

6. Intuitive

  1. Give visitors the feeling they can touch the products: 70% of the people like concrete touchable images.
  2. Show stock levels
  3. Be completely transparent about costs. In advance!
  4. Help you customers, but let them stay in the drivers seat.
  5. Show confidence builders such as:
    • Companies address
    • Phone number
    • Quality labels
    • return policy
  6. Let a copywriter write the privacy rules in stead of the legal department
  7. Move forward rule: avoid that people have to click the back button
  8. Don’t talk about yourself but instead talk about what the customer will receive
  9. Spend time developing the a good thank you page/thank you email (opening rate of 80% within the first hour)
  10. Test, test, test! There are plenty of software packages available nowadays to test:
    • call to action button
    • headlines
    • short copy vs long copy
    • images
    • confidence builders
    • etc

7. Persuasive

For the last level (the part that will increase your conversion the most) we like to redirect you to our som Sex and the City model. Or you can contact us for a non-committal appointment about starting with personas.