Increase conversion of forms – why you should always be testing!

Sometimes you see a video (in this case about increasing conversion of forms) that makes you think. This time from the boys and girls at  MarketingExperiments, an analytics and conversion agency from the US with an extremely simple motto “To discover what really works in optimization”.Conversie verhogen bij formulieren - blijf testen!

In the video they show that it is extremely important to keep on testing. With some tests the B version (simpler, shorter and clearer) performs worse than the A version. The reason for this are:

  1. You can accidently add hurdles to the form by reducing the length, and this can reduce the click through rate (see 13:30 to 15:50)
  2. Look out for oversimplifying and shortening forms especially with removing critical information. In the video there are some great examples when a longer form actually works better than a short one (22:50 to 26:30).

In general, you can’t say things like “radio buttons are always better than dropdown menu’s”. Its (unfortunately) context sensitive, its all about the perceived value vs. the costs. In the end we arrive once more at a good old marketing truth ;0) Keep on testing!     

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