Some agencies deliver customer insights, the better agencies challenge you as well whereas others mainly focus on optimization. som firmly believes in a combination of all three:

Deep dive into the online customer insights and propositions: everything you need to (re)gain your customers.

Challenge your current activities, and actively looking for improvements.

Optimize and carry out the improvements or assist the organisation with this – always with a sharp eye on conversion.

customer insights

Deep dive into online customer insights and propositions: everything you need to (re)gain your customers, and connect them to your organisation.


We challenge your current activities and actively search for improvements – not only for your marketing, but also for your propositions.


We optimize and carry out the improvements ourselves or assist the organisation – always with a sharp eye on conversion.

what does som digital do?

  • transform strategy into actions
  • digital Marketing approach
  • transition to online sales
  • from target audience to customer profile
  • develop (digital) customer journey
  • satisfied customers, more sales
conversion approach
  • intuitive and persuasive content
  • converting landing pages
  • optimizing sales funnels

our services

make strategy concrete

Is your strategy ready, but having difficulties with the marketing plan? Som helps with creating an executional MarCom roadmap.

from target audience to customer profile

Decided on a target audience, but you want to start with customer profiles? Som assists with developing customer profiles to really start with personalisation.

persuasive content

Are your copywriters having difficulties with creating converting content? Som helps with creating persuasive content based on well-known models such as MBTI, Cialdini, Fogg and Nudging.

digital marketing

You want to start or improve your digital marketing, but don’t know where to start? Som helps your organisation with the development and execution of a digital marketing plan.

develop customer journeys

Are your customers only purchasing once in a lifetime? Mapping out customer journeys helps to retain customers due to the excellent customer service.

landingpages that convert

Your online campaigns are state of the art and the number of visitors on your website are out of this world! However, your landing pages are not converting? Som will transform your landing page into an well oiled path towards conversion.

online sales

Your offline sales channel works perfectly and you want to take the leap towards online sales? Som helps you with the transition from online sales to a real digital store.

happy customers, more sales

The ultimate happy business is happy customers that keep buying, right? Som can help you gain loyal, happy and thus returning customers.

more sales through your funnel

Is your sales funnel, sales channel, 3, or 6 steps towards conversion not working optimal? Som helps you to increase the conversion rate.

what our clients say about our work

discover exactly how conversion improvement works

Read our most read blogpost about improving your conversion rates.

Influencing behaviour – how BJ Fogg’s model can help

BJ Fogg's model describes the three parts that form behaviour: motivation, ability and trigger. The models helps with successfully influencing behaviour and improving conversion.

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Curious about the impact of culture on consumer behavior, and hence conversion rates?

Cultural differences in consumer behavior worldwide

The biggest challenge for internationally oriented marketers is choosing a suitable marketing strategy for each country they are actively doing business in

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What effects do differences between men and women have on conversion rates?

Online differences between men and women

Do you want the best website possible, consider the online differences between men and women. This leads to more conversions.

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Curious about the som digital MBTI approach? Read about how MBTI can up your conversion rates.

som sex and the city model

Just like everybody is either right or left handed all of us have inborn preferences. These determine 50% of our behaviour. In this article, we explain the som sex and the city types based on Keirsey’s theory.

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