Centraal Beheer’s Risicoscan identifies main risks for SME

Using the Centraal Beheer Risicoscan SME entrepreneurs can easily identify the most important risks for SME for their company. Offering a scan like this logically stems from the trend in Finance where insurers help manage risks instead of simply offering insurance products. The Risicoscan aims firstly to determine the most important risks, based on the company characteristics and the industry. Afterwards the user will receive measures related to these most important risks. Naturally the entrepreneur can buy these insurances on the spot.

The Risicoscan starting point was that it had to be a ‘fun’, easy to use tool, seducing the entrepreneur to pay attention to risks and measures. Normally entrepreneurs don’t think about these risks as they think it is boring, somewhat down the interest ladder together with administration and taxes.risks for SME

The results of the Risicoscan are based on the characteristics and preferences of the company, the industry, Centraal Beheer’s damage data per industry over the last 11 years and the expertise of Centraal Beheer’s damage experts.

How does the Risicoscan work?

Because the result are based on the actual situation of the company, users have to fill in some details about their company. For instance: in what industry do you operate, do you have employees, do you use a building, what kind of equipment do you use and if you use terms and conditions. Due to this the results are based on the company’s unique situation. The top 5 risks show up on the right side of the screen and move while you are filling in, depending on your choices. The top 5 risks often cause some eye opening moments because some risks (such as fire) are not part of the top 5 but water damage, which occurs a lot, is.

In the second step the possible measurements to lower these risks are shown. These measurements are easy to understand and are written extremely concise. Clear copy was actually one of the biggest challenges during this project.

Finally users can tick boxes whether they already implemented the measure, still have to implement it, or accept the risk. This way they receive an action plan with all measures they still have to implement to prevent their most important risks. The measures vary from installing fire detectors to actually insuring risks. So a measure doesn’t have to be an insurance, it can also be installing an alarm system near the charging area of electrical equipment for example.

risks for SMEOur role

risks for SMEsom digital took the role as product owner for this project, which means that they were the middle man between the client (Centraal Beheer) and the IT party (Oberon Interactive) who built the actual html and javascript. Furthermore som digital was responsible for the conversion aspect of the project and to ensure the optimal customer experience. To do this we analysed all the data regarding damages to make sure users see the right risks based on their situation. som is still responsible for the improvement version and to incorporate the Risicoscan with Centraal’s Beheer internal customer database. here

Are you curious about your risks for SME? Complete the Risicoscan here.