Develop online insurance policies for small business owners

Centraal Beheer Achmea started in 2014 with an online insurance package for small business owners. Business owners will be able to, independently, create a package of indemnity insurances and immediately purchase these insurances. We developed a tailor made product and sales funnel per industry. Furthermore, we incorporated the som Sex & The City model in both copy and art for the whole website. This way Centraal Beheer emphatically responds towards a need in the market, which competitors are not offering at the moment.

Role som: proposition, UX and copywriting

For this project som delivered among other things the proposition, UX, copywriting expertise and capacity in this extremely complex project. We worked closely with Centraal Beheer’s projecDubbelinterview Annebert de Lange Centraal Beheer en Hans Drenth Canicast team, the ICT department, web editors and the external partner that delivers the initial UX. Additionally, som was (and is) responsible for setting up and executing A/B tests. Also we monitor the traffic very closely and adjust if necessary. All of this to maximize customer satisfaction and conversions.