Nudging for housing corporations

Housing corporations are dealing with large groups of customers, and influencing the behavior of these customers. Adjusting behavior in practice is mainly 'playing police officer'. That is why nudging is so powerful for housing corporations: it is a positive instrument!

Nudging Municipality of Boxmeer

We have been helping the municipality of Boxmeer to embrace and apply nudging. The rise of nudging in both commercial companies and governments triggered the municipal secretary to explore the application of nudging in the municipality of Boxmeer. This as a good addition to the well-known set of incentives and penalties.

Richard Thaler: from Nudge to Nobel Prize

In October 2017, Richard Thaler was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his contribution to the bridging between Economics and Psychology. But what exactly is this contribution? In this blog post we discuss what he has achieved and why he deserves the Nobel Prize.

MBTI type distribution outside Europe

The distribution of MBTI-types varies per country. In this posting the non-European countries will be discussed. It is important to be aware of this distribution while going into an international negotiation.

Climate change at the Dutch Design Week

We, from som digital, helped one of our digital partners (WDCD) at the Dutch Design Week and collected marketing intelligence about climate change. The results show that visitors of the Dutch Design Week are above averagely concerned about climate change but they are also more positive about solving this problem.

Nudge – small changes with BIG impact

Nudging is a technique that can drive behavior into a certain direction, without taking away one's freedom of choice. Several types of nudges are commonly used which are related to social influences, challenges, reciprocity, laziness and feedback.

Returns: longer returning deadline leads to fewer returns – say what?

Even though it seems logical that a longer returning period will lead to more returns, the opposite seems to be true. Research indicates that the effort it takes to return plays a key role. For retailers, this is an important factor to keep in mind when creating a return policy.

Dubious online persuasion tactics

How far are marketeers allowed to go to persuade their consumers? Dubious persuasion tactics exist in the world of online marketing. But these ways of influencing may raise ethical concerns.

10 common cognitive biases in consumer behavior

What are 10 common cognitive biases in consumer behavior? Human cognitive capacity is limited. Therefore, we are prone to cognitive biases.

Persuasion using the Persuasion Knowledge model

Every sales process, both online and face-to-face, is a process of persuasion. What do sales person and customer know about this? The Persuasion Knowledge model offers insights.

Cultural differences in consumer behavior worldwide

The biggest challenge for internationally oriented marketers is choosing a suitable marketing strategy for each country they are actively doing business in

Verdeling MBTI types in Nederland en Europa

Het MBTI model kijkt naar aangeboren voorkeuren. Met behulp van verdeling MBTI types begrijp je gedragsverschillen en kan daar rekening mee gehouden worden.

Online differences between men and women

Do you want the best website possible, consider the online differences between men and women. This leads to more conversions.

What best websites have in common – Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai describes different strategies that contribute towards the design of the best websites. som has selected the 7 best strategies.

Cialdini 7th persuasion principle

Som uses several models that are scientifically supported. One of these models is based on the persuasion principles of Cialdini. Recently, Cialdini added a new, 7th principle of persuasion called unity.

Digital transformation in B2B is lagging behind

The problem with this is that B2B customers are used to the quality in B2C markets from their non-professional life.

Influencing behaviour – how BJ Fogg’s model can help

BJ Fogg's model describes the three parts that form behaviour: motivation, ability and trigger. The models helps with successfully influencing behaviour and improving conversion.

som sex and the city model

Just like everybody is either right or left handed all of us have inborn preferences. These determine 50% of our behaviour. In this article, we explain the som sex and the city types based on Keirsey’s theory.

Smartphone conversion in the Benelux is lagging behind

Companies have to keep a close eye if the user experience is the same on all customer devices.

Digital nudging: what is it?

In 2015 academics extensively researched, for the first time, how nudging can be used in an online environment.

Oberon and som: ‘A unique, unusual project’

Oberon and som are developing an online risk assessment tool for small business owners. Visitors are able to determine their most important risks in a simple and interactive manner. Corresponding measures are provided as well and vistors are able to print or mail their results.

Cialdini persuasion principles

To achieve optimal conversion results, models that are supported by practical evidence are used. One of them is Cialdini’s theory of persuasion principles.

The Decoy Effect

Decoy literally means luring someone away, which is exactly what the Decoy effect does. The Decoy effect (also called asymmetric dominance) has to do with adding an extra option when you only offer a cheap and an expensive product. By using the Decoy effect more people will pick the most expensive option.

Nudging: influencing subconscious behavior

What's nudging? Nudging is gently pushing someone in the right direction by making the right option more attractive, without limiting someone's freedom of choice.The goal is to slightly adjust peoples behavior regarding subconscious choices.

Using MBTI in marketing: are there alternatives?

Keirsey mapping of the 4 personas is the basis for the som Sex & the City Model. This mapping is a simplified version of the 16 MBTI personas. The MBTI is worldwide the most used persona test (by now approximately 12 million people have done the test). However there are other persona mappings that can be useful to use in (online) marketing. Therefore it's time to have a look at the most important alternatives for MBTI: The "Big Five" and the DiSC test.

Introduction Persuasive online insurance packages Centraal Beheer Achmea

What is needed for such a large project? Which parties are involved and how do you introduce a brand new service like this?

Preserve office buildings, thé answer for vacancies!

Its the nightmare for every landlord: losing tenants because the building does not fulfil today requirements. But there is a solution preserve the energy usage!

When not to use A/B testing?!

Marketeers often believe the mythe that A/B testing answers every question regarding the website. Unfortunately this is not the case, A/B testing only works when adjustments are based on insights gathered through market research.

Increase conversion of forms – keep testing!

Sometimes you watch a video (in this about increasing the conversion of forms) that makes you think - this is one of them.

Email marketing still works!

There is a reason why your inbox always looks full: e-mail marketing works. However by using smart techniques companies can ensure that every email counts. You probably, like many other during the christmas break, spend a few hours cleaning out your inbox. The pressure of e-mail marketing seems to increase and there is a reason for it : it works!

Improve the conversion of your web shop in 7 steps

What are the most important aspect you can change to increase the conversion of your webshop? Are there do's & don'ts which every webshop has to take into account? Where to start? This article gives you the tools to start improving your webshop.

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