Obama experiment Canicas

Image preferences amongst MBTI types

Tell me which image you prefer, and I will tell you how you like to gather information. We recently conducted research on online behaviour amongst the various personality types. About half of the respondents chooses the left image; the metaphoric Obama. The other half chooses the realistic image.

This behaviour significantly correlates with the way different people tend to gather information. Most people who choose the left image have a preference for abstract information and generally pay attention to the patterns and possibilities that they see (iNtuition), Most people who choose the right, realistic image are Sensing. They generally pay attention to physical reality, what they can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.

The Sensing types will e.g. describe a bottle of wine by the facts they see (red wine, Bordeaux, $ 7,88). The more abstract people (iNtuition) will directly start to associate and mention future possibilities this same bottle brings (fun, dining with friends, a hangover…).

The distinction between Sensing and iNtuition was described in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator in the 60’s. The MBTI is especially known in Psychology and the Human Resources area. Just recently, some clever marketeers started using it in online sales.

Modern marketing is all about helping your customers buy. The Obama example clearly shows that different customers need different information when they are orientating on your website.

Therefore, first think who you want to persuade. Then adjust your copy and images for these specific image preferences amongst MBTI types.

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