nudging workshop – a practical approach

Nudging and behavioral change are hot, it is one of the most discussed topics in the world of persuasion. Ministries have task forces, companies are using it and both housing corporations and municipalities are discovering the possibilities.

But in what way can you apply nudging for your organization? That is exactly what this workshop is about. Whether you are talking about customers, prospects, employees or citizens. Take a look at the program below and be inspired!

This workshop is for people who want to realize behavioral change with customers, citizens or employees. So nudging can be relevant if you are a marketeer, sales manager, communication professional, HRM professional or policy makers.

The workshop nudging comprises of roughly three parts: theory, real-life examples and a portion where you work on your own nudging ideas. In addition, the program can be adjusted to your wishes, we ask you to think with us and tell us where your interests lay. Do you have specific questions about nudging? let us know!

Depending on the group, we organize the workshop at the most practical location. In case participants come from Amsterdam or surroundings, we organize the workshop in our own workshop space with a view over the city.

the workshop

The workshop program will occupy either a morning or an afternoon, and it will in any case consist of the parts mentioned here.

A truly unique feature of this workshop is that every participant receives feedback from som nudging on an individual basis: we take the time to evaluate and refine your best, self-developed nudge.


Do you want to book the workshop as a group? It is possible to create a tailor-made program. In this way you guarantee that the program optimally matches the wishes, needs and challenges of your organization.

the program

theory: what is the theory of nudging and how does subconscious influence work? To get a good idea of ​​how nudging works, we make science understandable.

examples: we will inspire you with real-life examples of both digital nudges and nudges in the public domain. In this interactive part we show successful nudges, but also the less successful ones. In this section, the theory behind nudging really comes to life.

application: you get started to develop ideas for your own organization. Here you make use of the nudging workbook in which all important points from the workshop are included. You work on the basis of a step-by-step plan to ensure that all conditions for a successful nudge have been met. Afterwards ideas are presented and made concrete by means of feedback from the group and som nudging.

our goal is that you can start working on the implementation of nudging within your organization immediately after the workshop.

what participants say about the workshop

what are the costs?

Participation in the workshop costs € 295, – ex VAT. You will receive an individual assessment of your best nudging idea and the nudging workbook with the most important take-aways in a row.

are you interested?

Are you interested in attending the workshop ‘nudging – a practical approach? Leave your details in the form below. We will contact you and discuss the date of the workshop so that everyone can attend. Do you want to read more about nudging first? Then check our our most read blogpost about nudging and behavioral change.

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