nudging approach

Whether you are a housing corporation wanting to communicate more effectively with their residents, a municipality wanting to collect taxes more effectively or a company wanting to influence customer behaviour, nudging is a strong addition to reward and punishment. Research into behavioral science gives us more and more effective ways to do this. But how to proceed? Using our nudging approach:

We have been operating at the intersection of psychology and marketing for over 16 years. With our in-depth knowledge of behavior we bring new insights and creative solutions in the form of nudges.

We use a design thinking approach; we analyze the situation step by step, always with those involved, to develop and implement successful nudges: discover, design, deliver.

We are involved and provide executing power to actually implement and adjust nudges. Always with a sharp eye on results.

our nudging approch - step by step

nudging approach
amongst others the following steps
  • project goals:    stakeholder consultation
  • field research: current behaviour analysis
  • conclusions: opportunities, business case
nudging approach
amongst others the following steps
  • inspiration from som nudging  'library'
  • development of primary nudging ideas
  • nudge creation and nudge prototyping
  • target group  and  expert  consultation
nudging approach
amongst others the following steps
  • base  case  current  situation
  • implement  nudge(s) in pilot
  • measure and adjust nudge(s)
  • internal organisation roll out

why our nudging approach works

nudging approach
  • new insights in behavior
  • scientific based approach
  • practical applicability
nudging aanpak
  • design thinking approach
  • input from the target group
  • creative solutions that work
nudging approach
  • involved in every step
  • outside-in thinking
  • network of nudging professionals

our nudging services

introduction to nudging

An introduction to nudging. What is it? How does it work? In which situations are nudges effective? This introduction is especially suited for team leaders and  managers. With many examples of successful cases.

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workshop nudging

In an interactive half day workshop we offer a nudging approach which enables you to ultimately develop nudges yourself - ideal for those who are influencing behavior on a daily basis.

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full nudging approach

som nudging helps your organization develop nudges - based on analysis, behavioral knowledge and understanding of nudging. Measuring, evaluating and adjusting is also part of the sum nudging approach.

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what our clients say about our work

discover exactly how nudging works

Read our most read blogpost of 2017 and 2018. The ultimate article about nudging!

Nudging: influencing subconscious behavior

What's nudging? Nudging is gently pushing someone in the right direction by making the right option more attractive, without limiting someone's freedom of choice.The goal is to slightly adjust peoples behavior regarding subconscious choices.

Working at a housing corporation? Then read about what nudging can do for your organisation.

Nudging for housing corporations

Housing corporations are dealing with large groups of customers, and influencing the behavior of these customers. Adjusting behavior in practice is mainly 'playing police officer'. That is why nudging is so powerful for housing corporations: it is a positive instrument!

Working at a municipality? Then read our blogpost about nudging at the municipality of Boxmeer.

Nudging Municipality of Boxmeer

We have been helping the municipality of Boxmeer to embrace and apply nudging. The rise of nudging in both commercial companies and governments triggered the municipal secretary to explore the application of nudging in the municipality of Boxmeer. This as a good addition to the well-known set of incentives and penalties.

Curious about the origins of nudging? Read our blogpost about the Nobel prize winning founder of nudging.

Richard Thaler: from Nudge to Nobel Prize

In October 2017, Richard Thaler was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his contribution to the bridging between Economics and Psychology. But what exactly is this contribution? In this blog post we discuss what he has achieved and why he deserves the Nobel Prize.

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