What best websites have in commonbest websites

Nathalie Nahai is web psychologist and author of the book: webs of influence – The Psychology of Online Persuasion. Nahai introduced the term ‘web psychology’ in 2011. Web psychology is about online attitudes and behavior, it’s a psychological tool box that assists in the development of persuasive websites, marketing and other user experiences.

With developing a website there are many factors that influence the behavior and actions on your website and that Lack of research is an important reason for the failure of online businesses. Furthermore, trust and credibility are essential in attracting new customers through your website. In her book Nahai describes various strategies that best websites use:


Research shows that people find a symmetric face attractive. Think for example about George Clooney or Tyra Banks. This principle is the same online. Symmetry makes a website universally attractive. This doesn’t mean that the left and right side of the page are perfectly symmetrically, but that there is a correct balance between the visual components (colors) on the left and right side.

Gender differences

Study proves that men and women differ in what they consider beautiful, and how they decide what is beautiful and what isn’t. Both genders were asked to rate the aesthetic values of a page. The results showed that men scan a website from the left top corner to the right bottom corner. Women do it exactly the other way around namely from the top right corner to the left bottom corner.

Furthermore, men prefer websites that are flashy and interactive. Women, on the other hand, feel attracted towards the colors of a website and a clean and organized design.

Website design| the 7 most important principles

The best websites are easy to use, this way you provide consumers with more mental space to process the most important aspects of the website. In her book Nahai describes different strategies that help you design the best website. Som gathered the seven most important principles that assist people in designing a ‘killer website’:

  1. Communicate the goal – The goal of your website must be communicated clearly through the subject.best websites
  2. Think about your target audience – design your website with the needs and wants of your target audience in mind. Is your target audience mainly women? Make sure that the website is credible and trustworthy to minimize the feeling of risk.
  3. Be accurate – make sure your website is up to date with accurate information, such as news and information about products and services.
  4. Be precise and use images – communicate your message strongly by formulating your message clearly and concise with the use of (moving) images.
  5. Offer a superior user experience – make sure that the website is easy, comfortable and fun to use. Ensure that information is easy to find through a search function.
  6. Use call to actions – be clear about what you want customers to do through a call to action button or text link.
  7. Create interaction – make your website interactive by giving them the possibility to react on products and postings.


The above-mentioned principles create the best websites. Curious how your website can be among the best? Contact us!