Introduction Persuasive online insurance packages Centraal Beheer Achmea

Centraal Beheer Achmea decided in 2013 to introduce a persuasive online insurance package proposition in which small business owners are able to arrange their insurances online. A proposition in which ease of use, the customer’s choice and industry specific are key. What kind of things are needed in a large project such as this one? Which parties are involved and what are the bottlenecks with such an introduction. A look behind the scenes at Centraal beheer Achmea.


An important assumption with the project was the fact that the packages per industry were based on the actual risks per industry. This does not only help people who like to pick a package that similar people like them already picked, but is also a reflection of the ease of use proposition: “ I am not going to research everything just give me what the majority has chosen”.

The target industries for the “Ondernemers Polis” are business services, construction, crafting, wholesalers, retail non-food, retail food and hospitality. This covers approximately 70% of all small business, currently we are working on extending the proposition towards other industries and freelancers.

Originally the plan was to use a tablet based interaction model for the whole platform. However, after the first session with the IT department it became clear that this was technically not possible. Also research showed that tablet usage was not that high for the target group.

In the end we decided to use persuasive design as much as possible: where possible we will use the 4 personas and build the pages according to their demands and wishes, which in the end we expect will increase conversions.

Usercase + UX design: PreFunnel + sales Funnel

After a detailed user case was developed with the internal marketing team at Centraal Beheer Achmea we were able to brief the agency that was developing the UX. Important in this were the so-called pre funnel and actual sales funnel. The prefunnel is industry specific with different content per industry, the sales funnel is only industry specific in the composition of the packages. Because the actual sales funnel was difficult to create we made that our starting point in the process.

Webdesign and copy

After UX the web design and copy were developed. For this we worked with som partners: for the design Dennis Willems and for the web copy Gidi van den Crommenacker. Both are familiar with persuasion and using the 4 personas. In this process it was crucial to create visuals as fast as possible so that both copywriter and the technical team knew how it was going to look and what they had to do.

Campaign: online + offline

For the marketing communication we worked together with the agency Hemels van der Hart. After the central payoff was decided upon “the logical choice for entrepreneurial Holland” all other missing parts of the campaign were filled in. With special attention towards the 4 personas. We used the som Sex and The model in the online marketing activities (AdWords & banners) and in the different landing pages. Simply put we attracted red Online marketing routes Ondernemers Polispeople with red AdWords campaigns and banners leading to red landing pages which lead to the red part of the website. By using this model, we expect to increase conversions.

In the image on the left you can see the most important traffic scenarios. The media agency had to get used this approach as we did not use the ‘one size fits all all’ approach. Furthermore, we worked together with Search Kings (Adwords) and second degree (Linkedin marketing).

Setting up measurement and A/B testing plan

An important part of the project was the measuring, A/B testing, tweaking and optimizing phase. This is the phase we are currently Persuasive Online Pakket: Funnel - meten, A-B testen, tweaken en optimaliserenin. Launching the site was definitely not the end, but more the beginning of the project, the assumptions in the Business Case can be tested and adjusted where necessary. An example of this was that we expected that the CTR for the first 4 steps in the sales funnel would be 2.8% but the actual number is 15%. Furthermore, we will start soon with A/B testing and a pilot with different price variations

Realization: develop HTML pre funnel and sales funnel

Interne campagne mbv banieren - persuasive online pakket Centraal Beheer
Ondernemers Polis – internal campaign

Last but not least was the realization of all the HTML, quite a tough process due to the large amount of people working on the project. A learning point was that we should have started earlier with building the actual HTML because that way we would have discovered earlier what was possible and what wasn’t possible. We had to deal with a corporate identity, but also with technical limitation and assumption we choose. And of course the internal capacity within Centraal Beheer Achmea who actually realized the web content. we were very much impressed with the motivation and quality of the web team; I don’t think employers at every large company voluntarily give up their day off or work throughout the weekend.


Have a look at the pre funnel of the Ondernemers Polis – or buy an insurance package :)

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