Online marketing 2015 at Centraal Beheer

In 2015 som digital continued to help Centraal Beheer Achmea with their ambition to be successful in online marketing. Below you find some projects in the category ‘Online marketing 2015 at Centraal Beheer’. For the project ‘development online risico tool’ we have a separate posting.

Ongoing: monitoring & advice to improve conversion

som digital has played a central role in what we call Monitoring & Advice: monitoring on a permanent base, analyzing and advising what exactly happens at the Centraal Beheer (small) Business website, and where the opportunities lay. Every three weeks we create a dashboard that Centraal Beheer uses for the so-called ‘improvement plan’: together with people from different disciplines we discuss, every three weeks, the numbers and conclusions. Furthermore, we agree on concrete actions which will lead to conversion optimalization.

Online marketing 2015 bij Centraal Beheer | som digitalExample of rapport we use every three weeks .

Common actions are setting up and execute A/B tests. som delivers ideas and collects ideas inside and outside Central Beheer. See our posting about TLE Europe 2015 for the description of some of these A/B tests.

Centraal Beheer has executed a price pilot to determine the price elasticity of their package proposition towards the small business market. som delivered and analyzed all information about the competition, analytics and conversion data.

Development LP’s and funnel for VvE’s

For Centraal Beheer, homeowner associations (VvE’s) traditionally are an important target group. In the Netherlands there are approximately 50.000 active VvE’s, who are required to take out specific insurances on behalf of their members. For us it was the task to create an online environment where home owner associations not only close their legal required insurances with Centraal Beheer, but also additional insurances.

Online marketing 2015 at Centraal Beheer

A clear proposition, a clear online sales funnel and of course taking into account the different personas from the som Sex & The City model. Besides that we have helped the most important partners of homeowner association organisations (VEH and VvE Belang) with making their landing pages more attractive.

Take a look at the landing pages for the home owner associations at Centraal Beheer.

Optimizing productpages and the development of customer testimonials

Furthermore in we analysed the current product pages of Centraal Beheer and noticed that they weren’t fully optimized for the online package proposition. Therefore in 2015 we started the process of optimizing these pages, and we will continue this process in 2016.

Moreover we started with the collection of customer testimonials which will be used on the website. Research has demonstrated that a great percentage of the population likes to see the customer satisfaction on a website and uses this in their decision.


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