Oberon and som: ‘A unique and unusual project’

The development of version 1.0 of an ‘online tool’ for Centraal Beheer is just finished. The tool helps entrepreneurs in the exploratory phase to list the most important risks depending on their situation. The outcome of the tool is based on own business characteristics and choices, but also on the actual damage data per sector. This makes the tool customised for and thus relevant to the customer. som and Oberon Interactive co-operate closely with each other. In a conversation Hans-Peter Harmsen, director of Oberon, looks back on the last few months.

20151021_100512b‘Working for Centraal Beheet is pleasant’, explains Hans-Peter. ‘They give us real freedom. Together with som we can freely develop the tool, without too much restrictions’. Both som and Oberon received a broad mandate to work on the tool. ‘We didn’t know exactly what the tool was going to look like, but we knew that it would be great’.

‘We make something fun out of complex and boring material’

‘It is a unique and unusual project. We offer entrepreneurs complex and boring information in a way that it becomes fun to play with. I find this very interesting. The entrepreneur immediately sees which aspects have more or less impact on his or her risks. Furthermore, the tool is based on real knowledge. The entrepreneur gets the feeling: this is really useful’.

‘It works out very well to collaborate with som’

Oberon and som work well together. ‘som obviously has their qualities: the focus on conversion and a great customer experience. This is something that we are less experienced in. We mostly do the technique. That’s why the collaboration works very well. And Hans is a really nice guy to work with’.

‘There is a complex model behind the tool, which is a challenge for us’

Oberon is very happy with the first results. Hans-Peter: ‘Till now it went very smoothly. We have already put in a lot of work. I didn’t yet come across anything that I did not like. Off course, the preparatory phase is always easier. When you start building you often come across difficulties’.

‘I think that the different bins of information are the greatest challenge. We have lists of damages and lists of sectors and professions. There is not a direct mapping between these data. Somehow we had to put this together. som plays a big role in this. The results of the tool have to be right. This is essential. We have to link different databases in javascript. This logic has to be completely done in the browser. Technically this is quite a challenge’

‘For us the tool is successful when the client is happy with it’

Oberon wants to make a beautiful tool and has a certain vision how it should look like. Nonetheless, Hans-Peter explains, ‘is it more important that the client is content with the result than that we like it. In the end it is the costumer satisfaction that counts’.

‘We want to grow even more’

Oberon-interactive-CanicasSince 22 years Oberon works with a ‘solid, professional team’. ‘We are currently at the peak of our success. We have never done this well before. We are working with extremely fascinating and fun projects for interesting clients’. ‘Half a year ago we made a vision plan in a management weekend for halfway 2017. We want to grow more: to 25 FTE. After that, for the time being, it is good’. Previously Oberon mainly worked for advertising campaigns, nowadays they we make more serious products. ‘We want to build long term relations with our customers. It is not a one-off tool. There are all sorts of plans to expand the tool to other brands and sectors. It fits better to what we do at the moment. Then you have more reason to concentrate on the quality’.

The online risk tool will be launched in december 2015.

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