Nice story about marketing in this day and age, from the book pendulum.

A woman and her husband are at Spence Diamonds to buy an engagement ring. In the store she uses the toilet, where the following story is posted on the wall:

OK this is it. You are about to buy the ring you will wear for the rest of your life. And the guy in the store is the one, not exactly like your imagined him right? Don’t worry about it since the dawn of humankind man don’t fulfill woman’s expectations, but it still feels right in a strange way. The secret is to look further then his confidence and clumsiness, and see the little boy he actually is. Girls grow up and and become grown ups, boys just get taller and heavier.

You know it’s not too late to tell him you changed your mind. Life is easier without him that’s for sure. Your house stays clean the bills are lower and you don’t have to forgive him constantly for all the stupid things he does. Maybe you can get cat, I have heard they are great companions.

However, your guy makes you laugh, cats can’t, and you know he would jump in front of train, if that what it takes to save you. He sees something magical in you and he is waiting for you right now. Feels good right?vinkbox hartje

So you choose, what is it going to be? A cleaner house or a life full of adventure? If you pick the latter go inside and suprise him with a kiss. Don’t tell him why, just make that one of the things that makes you his miracle.

Ik vermoed dat de verkopen bij SpenceDiamonds sterk zijn gestegen sinds ze dit briefje hebben opgehangen. Het is pull marketing, waarbij ze de aanstaande bruid een heel positief gevoel geven, door haar een emotionele glijbaan te bieden. Er wordt met geen woord gerept over het bedrijf en het product.

I suspect that the sales at Spence Diamonds increased strongly after they posted this message. This is called pull marketing where they give the soon to be bride a great feeling about herself, without even mentioning the company and product.

With push marketing the message would be full of product specifications, based on the company’s traditional market research.

Today with internet en social media pull marketing works better than push marketing, you should help customers with the purchase in stead of selling.