nudging workshopNudging is hot, for some time now it is one of the most discussed topics in the world of persuasion. Ministries have task forces, companies are starting to use it and universities and students are studying it. But how can your organisation use nudging? To explore that is exactly the goal of the nudging workshop. Whether you are thinking about influencing customers, prospects or civilians, the principles of nudging remain the same. Take a look at the draft programme below and be inspired!

For whom is the nudging workshop relevant?

The nudging workshop focuses on people who want to realize behavioural change. With customers, civilians or employees. Think about marketers, sales managers, communication specialists, HRM and policy makers.

What subjects does the nudging workshop cover?

The programme is flexible depending on the needs of the participants, therefore we ask you to think along with us. What would you like to discuss, what specific challenges you are dealing with at the moment? Let us know!

In any case the following elements will be included in the half day nudging workshop:

  1. Introduction: what is nudging, how does nudging work in the human brain, real life examples
  2. Digital nudging: what are the possibilities? Which examples are available? What are the do’s & don’ts?
  3. Start working: create ideas together how to implement nudging in your own organisation, using the som nudging approach
    • context and goals
    • decision making process of the customer, and how to influence it
    • select nudge
    • implementing nudge – what is needed
    • monitoring and adjusting – how are you going to measure success?
  4. Present nudges and receive feedback from the group and from som digital
  5. Elaborate on the best nudge – so that a quick implementation is possible in the week after the workshop

Unique feature of this workshop is that every participant receives individual feedback from som digital, after the workshop: we always take the time optimize your best idea so that it is ready for implementation. This is included in the price!

nudging workshopWhat are the costs of the nudging workshop ?

The workshop price is € 295, ex VAT. This includes optimizing / improving your best nudging idea. Lunch is also included.

Are you interested? Fill in the form below, and I will contact you when we have possible dates. I will check these dates with you well in advance so that there is always a date that fits you.

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