som at Which Test Won conference in Berlin

Canicas at Which Test Won conference in Berlin

On October the 15th and 16th som will be present in Berlin, at Which Test Won’s The Live Event Europe. Which Test Won runs the world largest online library with case studies in the field of A/B and multivariate testing. Digital marketers from all over the world will be attending this event. As well as Hans Drenth. Based on the som Sex & The City model (SATC) he will explain how the conversion rate of your website can be increased.

Which Test Won offers peer-to-peer information to inspire digital marketers in the development and the execution of effective A/B tests. Digital marketers submit A/B and/or multivariate case studies which then will be verified, edited and published on the platform. The website is partially available to everyone (see Which Test Won test library).

During The Live Event speakers from Microsoft, LinkedIn, Dell and Google will be trying to expose the world of digital marketing. The subjects covered will be mainly about A/B and multivariate testing. An A/B test compares the effectiveness of two versions of a webpage (A and B), whereas a multivariate test makes a comparison of multiple versions.

Exemples of recent A/B tests

We will show some examples that demonstrate that you have to test everything; generalizations and assumptions are taboo.

The fashion brand Rue21 has done an A/B test on their mobile website. Version A consists of more images than version B whereas version B displays the text in accordion style. What do you think? Which version has the highest conversion rate?

Canicas at Which Test Won conference in Berlin

It was expected that version B, with the text in accordion style, influences the navigation in a positive manner. Due to this change, the consumer will stay longer at the website. Version A has indeed proven to have a 1,7% higher bounce rate than version B. In both cases the conversion and the ‘time on the site’ was the same.

A mobile banner of Ditzo has also been subject to a case study. Version B has a green label with the words ‘up to 100 euros return’. Which version is the most effective do you think?

Canicas at Which Test Won conference in Berlin

Initially everyone thought that version B, with the green label (more information and a trigger), will lead to a higher conversion rate. However, the test has pointed out that in this case ‘less is more’ prevails. Version A has led to a 93% higher click through rate and a 136% increase in clicks on the red button ‘Calculate your premium in 1 min’!

The brand Bowflex (a fitness equipment company) has done an A/B test as well. The campaign was launched during the Soccer World Championship in 2014.They wanted to test if a football related theme during the World Championship leads to more commitment and conversion than a traditional summer campaign. Which version will lead to the highest conversion? Version A or version B with the text and the images in the style of the World Championship?

Canicas at Which Test Won conference in Berlin

The results has shown that version B sells 86% more articles than version A. It turns out that relating a promotion to an event can lead to enormous effects on sales.

Always Be Testing!

Even when you think that you know the most effective strategy, the results of an A/B test can be surprising. The Live Event Europe will help and provide with ideas to test, it offers the latest insides of A/B tests and gives you specific advice concerning your website. Canicas is excited to contribute and help you with this.

Would you like to be inspired by other marketers? The Live Event will take place on October the 15th and 16th in Berlin. Visit the TLE website.