Preserve office buildings, the answer on vacancies!

It’s the nightmare for every business real estate owner, tenants who leave your building because the property no longer meets the energy requirements of this day and age. However, there is an answer: preserve energy use!

Verduurzamen kantoorpanden - Progress Energy Services & Canicas

Progress Energy Services preserves energy use

som is a partner of a great initiative: Progress Energy Services helps lowering energy use of existing offices (appr. 6000.m2). Because of this the energy label of the building will improve and tenants won’t be leaving your property (at least not because the energy use is too high). Furthermore, the rent for tenants will be cheaper as the electricity cost are lower and the properties value will increase. It sounds like a no brainer right? However, in real life it’s a bit more complicated as property owners often encounter difficulties getting financing to improve their buildings. Progress Energy Service can get the financing and they work together with the best players in the market.

The approach of Progress Energy Services is based on three pillars.

  1. Improve the technical infrastructure regarding energy management
  2. Monitor, measure and improve energy management
  3. Provide insights and tools to improve the user’s behavior regarding energy management.

PES engelsWhen all of these three pillars are used to its maximum it is possible to realize energy savings up to 45%. The investments that are necessary to achieve this will be financed by progress energy services and the payback period will always be within 5 years.

MediaPark launching customer

The launching customer is one with perspective: we will improve the energy use of both the parking garage as the MediaCentrum part of the MediaPark in Hilversum. The first steps are done and the first impression is that the business case looks good. The next building will be the requisite and décor center where there are a lot of quick wins.

The second step is set last November: a partnership is signed with three important parties in the market: Beekink (technical installations), Balance (smart monitoring) and Johnson Controls (monitoring software and hardware).

som role in this process is to improve the behavior of users. We are overseeing all projects regarding awareness and behavioral change. Furthermore, we assist in the proposition, (online) marketing and partnerships.

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