National Institute against Cancer is searching for donors

som is helping the National Institute against Cancer (NFtK) with the realisation of their most important marketing goal: finding new donors. In an interview with Lon Claassen we take a look at the action plan to reach this goal.

About NFtKlogoNFtKcmyk

With the slogan ‘Longer Better Life’ the National Institute against Cancer wants to increase and improve the quality of living for people with cancer. The NFtK differs from other funds as their focus is to include treatments regarding nutrition, physical activities and well being in the general treatment plan for patients.

Lon explains: ‘Food is a priority of us. Cancer and the treatment of cancer weakens the condition of the patient. Unwanted weight loss leads, in most cases, to a weaker body. People who are weaker have more problems handling the illness and the treatment, with the consequence that people can’t finish their chemo treatment or the treatment has to be adjusted. The NFtK’s goal is to collaborate with healthcare professionals to find an answer for the following question:

“Which research projects should we start, which benefits the patient the most and quickest?”

Towards new donors

‘The last 16 years, we were able to fund a lot of research thanks to our donors. Through the years we booked a lot of progress in scientific research. We have a lot loyal donors. However, it is difficult to attract new donors. We are working hard to achieve this and through their support we can better devote ourselves to reach our aim ‘Longer Better Life’ for people with cancer’.

One of the ways to reach new donors is using online marketing in the right manner. Lon: ‘We see that our website is well visited. In the last month we have had 22.000 visitors and an increasing number of people finds us on the internet. Of all the people who pass by, there was only a small proportion of people who became donor’. ‘We thought: if there are so many people interested, could it be possible to achieve a different relationship with them?

‘For us it is more than buying a bread. It is learning how to make the bread. And understanding how the bread becomes a bread’. 

The website of the NFtK was mostly for information and was less emphasizing the fundraising aspect. ‘We didn’t knew how to do that. We are still careful in the sense that we have to see if it leads to results, but the first results are positive’.


Input som: starting with quick wins

With so-called quick wins som helps to improve the online channel of NFtK. ‘som has learned us not to see the website as a book: a cover with all sorts of pages. Everybody enters the website in a different place. Website analytics has shown these results. Off course we understand it, but it also means that we have to create a relationship with the visitor on more places than just the home page’. som has worked with the following quick wins:

  1. Sharpening the ‘reason to support’
  2. Mapping the website analytics (dashboard)
  3. Add triggers to the website
  4. Making theme related landingpages
  5. Starting with e-mail marketing

‘We would like to continue to share the information that we find valuable with our public and professionals. Apparently you can realize more without undermining this goal. With the help of som the NFtK has put more triggers on there website. ‘We now have a donor button with a ‘reason to support’ that is visible everywhere’. Furthermore, in addition to the explanation about the value of nutrition, the NFtK also asks if someone is interested in the newsletter. ‘Through this you make it possible to deepen the relationship: from someone who quickly reads a page to someone who reads information monthly what we are doing. Also the NFtK asks the public the question ‘If you think this is interesting and you want to support us to do more: donate’. We see that this appeals to people’.

‘som is extremely valuable for us’

meisje-met-bal‘Owing to the fact that som shares her expertise, we’ve put on different glasses. We would like to understand what we are doing and where we go. som helps us with this. som uses techniques and insights that we don’t have. I have a scientific background, so if someone comes with ‘to measure is to know’ this extremely appeals to me. Through the collaboration with som we are in a learning process. And you can’t shape a learning process without experts’.

Even tough the project is only a few months old: the NFtK is satisfied. ‘We see that what we do, for now, delivers results’. Till now we see that there is a big increase in donations. Also there are more people on the donate pages. ‘Still not enough visitors make it through the whole donate path till the ‘thank you’ page. The next step in the process is to reach this goal’.

The focus in the area of online marketing is clearly on the fundraising aspect. Lon: ‘I’ve said often: give me the names of three funds in charity land who do fundraising completely via the Internet. Nobody can give me an answer to this. This means that this form of recruitment is not common. Nevertheless I have the impression that many organisations, like Food watch, do this in a more and more active way. For them this is reflected in more online donors, we as an organisation must strive to reach this goal as well.

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