som sex and the city model: description of the 4 MBTI personas

Just like everybody is either right or left handed all of us have inborn preferences. These determine 50% of our behaviour. In marketing it is therefore crucial to anticipate on what each persona needs and wants, or what type of information each type likes to see in the sales funnel. In this article, we elaborate on the som sex and the city model types, based on Keirsey’s theory.

What is the principle?

The principle is simple. Keirsey observed a large difference in the way people absorb information. Does someone prefer specific information (Sensing)? Or does someone prefer abstract information and outlines (iNtuition).

How to distinguish between the types?

Keirsey divides the iNtuitive people in 2 types: the competitive (NT) and the humanistic (NF) – see the picture below. Between these types the second determining factor is how they make decisions: with their head (Thinking) or with their heart (Feeling).

For Sensing types the second determining factor is how they deal with information in their direct environment. Do they try to order this information in a logical way (Judging) or do they wait and see and only respond to the information they find attractive (Perceiving).

som - sex and the city model - SATC

This way it is possible to create four different types: the spontaneous type (yellow), the blue methodical type, the green humanistic type and the red competitive type.

The competitive type (fiery red)

The red type is the most competitive of them all. Effective, autonomous, theoretical and analytical. But also, impatient and always searching for the most effective solution. For them half a word is often enough and they quickly want to get down to business.

The spontaneous type (sunshine yellow)

som sex and the city modelThe yellow type wants to enjoy life as much as possible, they are impulsive, flexible, innovative and tolerant. They take life as it comes, are bored quickly and have no need for theory and generalisations. For the yellow type a website must grab their attention straight away with practical tips focussed on the need of that moment. This doesn’t have to be in an ordered way and can be in a more graphical way.

The methodical type (ice blue)

The blue type is the type that is organised and works carefully to avoid mistakes. They follow rules and don’t like surprises. They prefer organised and well-structured websites, including facts, without personal opinions or surprises.

The green type (earth green)

The green type is the type that values harmony and human values. They want that everybody gets along and that people are happy with themselves. They talk in generalisations, overstatements and always read between the lines. As a people person, they need to see like-minded opinions and highly value the opinion of experts.

The scientifically proven som sex and the city model is part of our persona approach. Would you like to use this model in your marketing? Contact Hans Drenth.