Online differences between men and women

som digital researched the online differences between men and women. If you want to optimize your website keep these differences in mind. These findings are supported by the work of Nathalie Nahai, a renowned web psychologist.

Nathalie Nahai is a web psychologist and released in 2012 her book, webs of influence – The Psychology of Online Persuasion. Her book is about online attitudes and behavior. In a previous posting, you find the 7 things the best websites have in common. This posting, however, is about the online differences between men and women.

Online differences between men and womenPhysical purchasing behavior

Naturally there is a difference in the purchasing behavior between men and women. Research shows that 60% of men shop goal oriented. This means they enter a store, buy the intended product and quickly leave the store. They don’t evaluate the product too critically, as long as it meets the requirements they will purchase the product. Women on the other hand more carefully evaluate all the items to find the one that fits perfectly. You will find these types of differences also in online shopping.

Men are more goal oriented than women

In a recent study, they measured the differences between men and women in terms of purchasing behavior. Participants had to purchase a cell phone including a phone plan. During the orientation process, they followed all the participant’s eye movements with the help of eye tracking.

The results show that men search for a specific phone, often using the search function. They search for a brand and model and then pick the one with the best plan. Men, value efficiency. Women on the other hand, spend twice as much time searching, they carefully read all the information about the phones and plans, read all the details and spend time comparing prices.

Men buy more online

Numbers from the Dutch institute of statistics show that men are more active online than women. Men buy more online and spend more as well. They often buy more expensive products or services such as, electronics, software and financial products. Something to consider with your online campaigns.


Women experience more anxiety during online shopping, this is because women consider online shopping riskier than men. They worry about the safety of online transactions and credit card details, especially about third parties accessing their details. Women therefore appreciate symbols logos related to safety and privacy more than men.

Online differences between men and womenEven though women are more concerned about online privacy, they use social media more. They are more active and share their profile with more friends than their male counterparts.

Men are more comfortable giving their phone number and address, whereas women are more inclined to read the privacy statements and changing their privacy settings. To reach smart online marketing you should take this into account. Make sure the website creates a feeling of safety and trust. Also, clearly explain why you need their personal information and what you are going to use it for.

What websites appeals towards women and men?

Differences between men and women also play a role in evaluating a website. Men prefer websites that are flashy and interactive. Women, however, are attracted more towards the colors of a website and prefer a clean organized design.

In general woman judge websites, more negative than men. This is because women perceive the computer as manly, which leads to a feeling of helpless. Also, the fact that most websites are designed for men could be a reason for this feeling of helplessness.

In general studies shows that men are more satisfied with their online experience, which could be linked to the fact that women experience more uncertainty and have a lower self-esteem when using a computer.

When a website is recommended by a friend, the perceived risk of buying online is much lower. Furthermore, it also increases the willingness to make a purchase online. However, this only works for women, men are less susceptible for this.

som digital | smart online marketing

Smart online marketing is also about considering the online differences between men and women. Make sure that the website is clear, trustworthy and accessible for everyone. Also remember that most websites are made by, and for men, so always test the website on usability and quality with both men and women :-)!

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