MBTI segmentatie tasjes

We use MBTI, or more  specific keirsey’s personas to increase ROI of marketing activities. However, a lot people are wondering if they can use our model as a segmentation model.

What we call blue or yellow types (SJ and SP) are according to us not real segments. 

The why lies in keirsey’s theory. They say that these types are comparable with software and hardware. Your MBTI profile is congenital, this determines your hardware and 50% of your behavior. The other 50% is your software, or learned behavior.

When you talk about segments (for instance the young & Rubicam model that we often use) you often talk about models based on norms and central beliefs that are important to people in their daily life. These are next generation models where you respond towards what someone thinks are important instead of where he lives, what he earns etc.

Once you decided upon the segment you are going to target you have to choose the right brand values (that your target segments think are important) and create your proposition in such a way that those targets think its attractive. Once you have done this then you start using MBTI with the rule: if your segment is large enough you can expect that all 4 personas are included into that segment, although within some segments some colors will be overrepresented.

The way to classify which type you are does not differ much between MBTI and Young & Rubicam, as both of them use a questionnaire of about 70 thesis questions which you have to answer, and after these questions you know your preference/type.

What we have done in the last few years is to ensure that your landings page, sales funnels and website contains triggers for each type as you don’t know what type the visitor is when he or she arrives on your website. Afterwards we assume that if someone clicks on an animated picture with the text “want to know how much you can safe?” that he is a yellow type. If someone clicks at the end of the page on the link “discover how everything works” that this person is a blue type.

So we use the MBTI in combination with segmentation models.

However sometimes the brand DNA fits perfectly with one of the keirsey types. FBTO with the blue types (you arrange insurances yourself) and the NEM with the yellow types (I say: do it!).

What do you think. In which cases would you use MBTI as segmentation model?