Improve your landing page in 6 steps

In 6 stappen uw landingspagina verbeteren

In 2014 the book “the ultimate guide to landing page optimization” by Oli Grandner was released. In this book he explains 6 questions that a marketer has to ask in order to estimate how effective his landing page is. These 6 questions are:

  • Has my page one, but truly only one possible action?
  • Is the message on the landing page consistent with other media the customer might have seen (especially those right before arriving on the landing page, such as the AdWord ad)?
  • If the visitor scans the page, is it clear straight away what the page is about?
  • Does every part of the page add something to the story you want to tell?
  • Do you believe the testimonials on the page?
  • Is everything focused on the Call to Action?

In the book Gardner then explains how to improve your landing page in 6 steps:

  1. Remove all elements that distract from the call to action. Sometimes this is difficult as you have to work with pre determined grid/templates which contains all kinds of elements that have nothing to do with the call to action. Fight this battle and prove that you are right, for instance with A/B tests.
  2. If you use external communication to get visitors on your landing page, make sure that everything is written in the same style and that the story is coherent.
  3. Make sure the content is clearly visible! Visitors decide within 10 seconds if your product/service is something for them.
  4. Every element on the page should contribute towards the call to action. A helpful test to see which element contributes the least towards to the call to action is to grade each element to which extend they contribute towards the message.
  5. Perform a credibility test, because if you don’t believe the testimonials why should customers believe them.
  6. Add an extra reason why customers should click on the call to action button. For instance, in the case of a landing page for an online webinar adding the sentence “don’t worry if you can’t attend the webinar at the time, we will send you the recording afterwards” increased conversion by 19%.

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You can find the detailed information about these 6 steps here.