Dentist persona: who are they?

Sometimes you discover interesting research, including this one, from 1996 already. In America they conducted a sample of 472 dentists about their MBTI profile. The results explain a lot about the person who decides to become a dentist. Interesting for everyone who markets towards dentists, but perhaps also for people who once in a while actually visit a dentist….

Dentists and specialist don’t differ much from each other.

Goal of the study was to determine if there is a difference in personality between dentists and specialist such as surgeons and orthodontists. The results showed, however, that there is no significant difference between the two.

Dentists are specific people

Interesting from a marketing persuasion point of view is that there is an overrepresentation of blue types (SJ in Keirsey’s model). Normally 40% of the population is blue with dentists this is 53%. Two thirds of the dentists are S (Sensing) types (specific, here and now, sensory).

The top three MBTI profiles under dentists are:

  1. Dentist personaISTJ 23%
  2. ESTJ 14%
  3. ISFJ 9%

What can we learn from this research, dentists are:

  • Introversion (59%) versus Extraversion (41%)
  • Sensing (66%) versus iNtuition (33%)
  • Thinking (67%) versus feeling (33%)
  • Judging (74%) versus Perceiving (26%)

To conclude: people who like to be specific, listen first act later, trouble understanding other people feelings, and who like to go on holiday organized.

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