Cialdini persuasion principles

At som digital we often talk about the som Sex and The City model, although this is not the only model we use. To get optimal conversion results we use all models that are proven in the field. One of these is the Cialdini persuasion principles model. According to Cialdini our brains create shortcuts that we use in our decision-making process, and these shortcuts are influenced by with he calls the 6 principles of persuasion.

Cialdini persuasion principlesThe 6 Cialdini persuasion principles that will get you a yes are: 1. Social proof 2. Reciprocity 3. Commitment & consistency 4. Sympathy 5. Authority 6. Scarcity. These principles are explained below.

1. social proof

Why, when ordering something online, do you always see straight away what other people think of that product or service? Because people are insecure about every decision they make. This uncertainty can largely be removed by showing that similar people made the same choice.

To increase the feeling of similarity some industries, mainly the travel industry, takes social proof one step further. They don’t show the general opinion but divide them between single travelers, families, families without children etc. Or Tripadvisor that shows reviews of your Facebook friends first if they went to the same restaurant or city. This way the feeling of social proof is strengthened and the uncertainty is lowered.

2. reciprocity

“I owe you” is one of the strongest human feelings. When somebody gives you something or helps you, it will be extremely hard for to say no when that person asks you for a favor. In sales this works the same, therefore gifts towards prospects and customers can increase your conversion. For instance, Christmas gifts in the B2B market or free samples in the supermarket. However, if you want to increase your conversion this way it’s crucial that the gifts are relevant. Otherwise, it is too easy for the customer to say no.

3. commitment & consistency

A large part of our behavior is determined by what we said or done before, as we like to be consistent in our behavior. And what other people say about us has a big influence on our behavior. Smart marketers can use this information to get the desired behavior.

To proof this theory a university asked two streets in California to place an enormous ugly sign with the text drive carefully in their yard. In the first street 17% of the people agreed to place the sign, whereas in the other street 73% of the people agreed. How is this possible?

In the second street, the researchers firstly asked all the people of they cared about driver’s safety and if they would place a small sign in their yard to promote safe driving. Barely anybody refused, so when they requested to place the large sign 73% of the people were consistent with their previous behavior and said yes to the request.

This technique is extremely suitable to use online, if you create commitment step by step. So, for example start with a simple request such as: “do you find the articles on this website interesting?”. When they answer yes then you can ask “would like to receive our newsletter so that we can share more interesting articles with you”. This way the conversion rate will be much higher than simply asking if they want to receive the newsletter.

4. sympathy

People rather do business with a company or someone they like and know. Because of this you often see the option share this on Facebook, Twitter etc. Because when you hear something from someone you know it is easier to trust that company and you are more likely to do business with them. Therefore, you often see which of your friends liked this page/company.

Another way to gain sympathy is to do something “good” for society, like supporting charities, community projects etc.

Or use the about us page to gain sympathy by showing who is part of the organization with fun and interesting stories.

5. authority

Another way besides social proof to remove uncertainty is by using experts to tell you everything will be ok. Because if an expert says it, it must be true. Therefore, you often see quality and safety symbols on website that proof that your transaction is safe.

6. scarcity

One of the most powerful persuasion techniques is creating scarcity. When a product is exclusive it is suddenly way more interesting. That is the reason why you see “only 2 more in stock” or “this promotion is only valid for 1 more day” or “97 people are currently looking at this flight”. These are all techniques to convince people that he or she shouldn’t wait any longer and make the purchase now, otherwise he misses something exclusive. Because Cialdini’s research showed that it is easier to convince someone by showing what lose instead of showing what they can keep.

Do you want to see the full explanation of the 6 Cialdini persuasion principles: watch this.

Sex and The City model in combination with Cialdini

The 6 principles are compatible with the som sex and the city model. The first step in increasing your conversion is to determine which principles you can use and if they are used in the correct way. When that is finished then we will check if your website targets all the 4 personas in the right way.

Are you curious if your website can be improved based on Cialdini or Sex and the City model? Contact us.