Project develop Brand DNA

Develop the positioning and brand values for


Insurance company wanted a positioning that would enable them to distinguish themselves and be successful with their target groups. Even tough they already are successful (fastest growing brand within the SNS reaal group) the time was ripe to make strategic choices in brand values, target groups and proposition.


With help from the Young & Rubicam 4C model (segmentation based on norms and values) they made the choice to first focus on two main target groups. Afterwards we used De Positioneringsgroep 23+1 interest domain model to choose the brand values these target groups think are important. This way we were able to develop a distinctive brand DNA and create a Brandbox that will be used for ex and internal communication, the new website and campaigns and to brief existing and new suppliers. This brand box will also be used for internal communication so that they can tune the organization from the inside and realize their ambitious goals by themselves.


  • Choices regarding target groups
  • Clear proposition
  • Clear guidelines
  • Cohesively written down in the brand box

Currently they are implementing the concept