Nudging for the municipality of Boxmeer

The municipality of Boxmeer is an innovative governmental organisation which is constantly looking for smart solutions to improve their organisation. The municipality has a low FTE per 1.000 inhabitants, a significantly lower amount of hiring costs and a higher civil servant satisfaction compared to the average dutch municipality. The advance of nudging in both commercial and governmental organisations triggered the city secretary to explore the application of nudging within their organisation. The municipality of Boxmeer asked som digital to help discover the possibilities to apply nudging within their organisation. The possibilities of nudging civilians will also be discussed in a later stage.

The first goal was to familiarize the executives with nudging. To achieve this som digital organized an inspiring and interactive workshop (‘nudging – a practical approach‘) full of examples of different kinds of nudges, from both governmental as wel as commercial organisations. Once acquainted with the subject-matter of nudging participants independently applied their knowledge to develop nudges to for a number of concrete challenges within their own work territory.

At this moment we are in contact with the municipality of Boxmeer about developing and implementing nudges together and testing them in a pilot program.

Cliënt: the municipality of Boxmeer

Challenge: to jointly discover the possibilities of applying nudges within the municipality of Boxmeer.

Result: This project is still in progress. At this moment the municipality of Boxmeer got acquainted with the theory, applications and many examples of applied nudges. The next step is to form a work-group and look for concrete possibilities to apply nudges that are promising for their organization.