Project: develop eBusiness Roadmap LeasePlan Corporation

Develop and implement eBusiness roadmap and strategy (2002-2004)


Develop and implement eBusiness strategy for 27 countries for LeasePlan group; a road map in which all countries within 24 months satisfy the requirements for plateau 1.

The business objectives:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Attract new business


First we developed, together with the managing directors from 7 countries, a eBusiness strategy, afterwards we created financial support from all managing directors and the board, and finally we implemented the strategy.


The eBusiness strategy is developed within 7 months, and in the next 7 months accepted on a country and corporate level. Meanwhile, after we left, the eBusiness strategy is fully implemented within the set timeframe, this way LeasePlan will strengthen their position as innovative world market leader.