som redesigned and redeveloped all online membership funnels for NRC handelsblad

The challenge

NRC agreed with us that most likely they could improve the conversion rate of people who become a member through their online channels.  In line with what we often see, a lot of attention and resources was spent on getting new visitors on the website but once these people arrived on the website they did not receive the attention they deserved. Because of this their conversion rate was not particularly great.

som used the following approach: first sharpened the proposition of the various memberships they offer. Next we developed and build the new membership funnels, naturally based on the Canicas Persuasion Management principles. These funnels were then transferred into NRC’s hosting system. These funnels were set up in such a way that NRC can easily change and adjust everything, including the new landing pages so that they can use them for new campaigns as well.


The pages are implemented just recently but the first signs are very positive.