som strongly improved the conversion rate of the landing page for the direct annuity insurances (2010) and developed the landing page for the disability insurances (2011) both according to the Canicas Persuasion Management principles.

The challenge

NN had the feeling that their landing pages could be improved. In line with what we see often, a lot of attention and resources was spent on getting new visitors on the website but once these people arrived on the website they did not receive the attention they deserved.

som introduced the following construction: when people click on the AdWords ad they will be redirected to fully conversion optimized landing pages (hosted by som, outside Nuon’s infrastructure). These landing pages are monitored constantly and adjusted when necessary, sometimes even within the hour. Because of the fact that these pages are hosted outside Nuon’s infrastructure we are not constricted to Nuon’s house style and the slow reaction speed from corporate ICT teams. In the image below you can see where we put the information for which persona (red, yellow, blue or green).



Conversion rates improved by 113% for the annuity insurance, this was reached with a drop in cost per lead of 40%.