Online marketing with 100% return and 0% client irritation. That’s our dream. And we believe that we can get really close. Especially when we work with clients that are down to earth and who simply want to create the best online marketing there is: smart online marketing.


By using proven scientific models, we can add a certain intelligence into your online marketing. Ambition and challenges are keywords in this process. We love to work with companies that either want to challenge the market or the market challenges them.


Not haphazardly optimizing through trial and error but use a proven approach. Develop propositions, UX and funnel design and copy & art always with a sharp eye for conversion, ROI and innovation. Smarter people who take the lead in smart online marketing.

our team

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We are always looking for passionate people who want to work with us. As a trainee, freelancer or employee, as long as you dream of smart results. We are a marketing agency in the centre of Amsterdam working for appealing clients. The positioning of som is unique and distinctive. We realize smart results by improving the conversion of websites, landing pages, funnels and online campaigns by using personas.

digital hero

Do you breathe digital and you want to create state of the art digital marketing? You have a few years of experience with online marketing and does our story appeal to you? Mail Hans Drenth or app him on +31622973797. Read more

senior digital hero

Around 30 years and ready for the next entrepreneurial step in your career? Working in digital marketing for some time and interested in co-managing som digital? Send Hans a mail or app him on +31622973797. Read more

digital internship

Are you interested in digital marketing? Then pick som digital for your internship, we are looking for top students for either their dissertation or an internship for 3 months starting March 2018.  Motivate us to contact you: send us a mail or app Hans Drenth on +31622973797 and we respond within a day. Read more

responsible entrepreneurship

We prefer not to talk about but rather do it. With all our projects, we always think about responsible entrepreneurship. So, an arms dealer with conversion problems should find another agency. Furthermore, we think it is normal to separate trash, cycle as much as possible, where possible take the train and try to lunch vegetarian.

Also, we try to give back to the community by sponsoring the following organisations:

Oxfam Novib

entrepreneurship in third world countries

som digital is proud sponsor of Oxfam Novib’s entrepreneurs for entrepreneur’s network. Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands help smaller entrepreneurs in third world countries through microfinancing. We believe in own initiative and entrepreneurship rather than giving money. Read more


sponsoring community projects

som digital is proud sponsor of Athena JB1. Athena is a rapid growing hockey organisation founded in 2004. We also sponsor football for kids with a chronical disease and a yearly colouring book for children in hospitals.

responsible entrepeneurship

contribute to sustainability

som digital is connected to Progress Energy Services (PES) because we strongly believe in their goal: making office buildings built in 1975-2000 more sustainable. And there are quite a few of these building in the Netherlands, with this we contribute towards a more energy efficient work environment.

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